Delta Iota Alpha at High Point University

Our History


Delta Iota Alpha was reformed in the spring of 2006 as the only Christian Fraternity on the campus of High Point University. DIA strives to promote spiritual growth and brotherhood through a mentoring system, dicipleship, Bible study and worship services. We also conduct various service projects and outreaches during the school year.

The Meaning

The name Delta Iota Alpha comes from making an acronym of three Greek Words. The “D” and “I” came from the phrase ”Doulos lesous“ meaning “Bondslaves of Jesus,” and from “adelphos” meaning “brothers.” This encompasses what DIA strives to be: a brotherhood of bondslaves to Jesus; here to provide eachother with support and encouragement, and here to be a light and witness to the world.

Our Mission

1. To be an example to all people, believers and unbelievers, of Godliness in speech, actions, attitudes, purity and all areas of life. We strive to truly be the light of the world, not by our own good, but letting the light of Jesus shine through us as ambassadors for Christ to a lost and dying generation.


2. To provide a true Christian brotherhood a source of Godly friendship, exhortation, encouragement, and strength for each other, and to promote spiritual maturity and a continuously deepening relationship with God.


3. To serve one another, our school, and our community in humility and excellence so that men will “see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.”